The vitamin food company (VFC) has as goal to research, develop, produce and market healthy, vitamin- and health-ingredient-rich food, dietary supplements, diet products and functional foods. With closely to 50 years’ experience in the fungi business and done many researches, the owners of VFC knows how to use the natural power of mushrooms.


We crafted this deliciously soup for you based on the natural power of mushrooms. Since it is quite difficult to get your daily vitamin D through normal consumption, we made it easier for you. With the Mush-D products you can easily add vitamin D from a natural source to your daily routine.

This rich bowl of soup contains 100% of your daily need of Vitamin D.

Discover all our other flavors: tomato, curry and mushrooms



Our capsules combine the health benefits from two mushrooms. Vitamin D from the white button mushroom and betaglucans from the Agaricus Blazei. These are both supporters of your immune system. For more details look here.