Vitamin D Soup Mushroom

We have crafted this delicious mushroom soup for you, which covers your daily needs of vitamin D. Of course we have used natural vitamin D from mushrooms.

9 x 200ml Soup with mushroom flavour

  • each sachet contains your daily dose of sunshine*
  • 200 IU / 5mcg vitamin D per sachet
  • only 102 kcal per soup
  • vegetarian
  • just add hot water - easily prepated within 1 minute


17,99€  8,99€

Delivery Time: 2-4 business days

Immune System Support

Stronger Bones & Teeth


Daily vitamin D supply

Ready within 1 minute


Healthy, Easy, D-licious

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels has never been that easy.. and delicious!

Each Vitamin D Soup contains 200 I.U. of our natural mushroom vitamin D, which is 100% of an adults' recommended daily intake.

The preparation of Vitamin D Soup is as easy as it can be. Boil 200ml of water, pour it into a cup with the soup powder & stir well and wait 1 minute - enjoy!


How does it work? 

We make mushrooms build vitamin D 

Mushrooms contain ergosterol in their fruit bodies. When they are exposed to sunlight (UV-B) this ergosterol turns into vitamin D. The process is very similar to the process of building vitamin D in our bodies.

Controlled quality production in the Netherlands.

What other customers say

"For dietary supplements and for in between, when things have to go quickly again, a top product. Especially for work really great. The soups are easy to prepare with hot water and taste good. I can only recommend these soups!"
Pascal on 21/12/2019
"I ordered these soups to have a snack for home and work. What else can you say, the preparation goes very fast, tastes very well and on top of it also healthy. I can only recommend it."
SupaHuba on 01/02/2020
"I cannot believe that this is a cup soup! This was the first time I really enjoyed eating one."
Erik on 06/03/2020


We have crafted this delicious soup for you with a special touch of mushrooms. Eating a healthy and varied diet and getting sufficient sunlight provides you with enough vitamin D. Busy lives sometimes makes this difficult to achieve,  so you can supplement with this soup. Our soup contains 100% of your daily Vitamin D needs.

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