Vitamin D Soup

We could’t make soup without at least one mushroom flavour. There it is – try our creamy Mush Soup !


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Our mediterranian vegan Tomato Soup is rich and full of flavour. Even Marco’s nonna from Italy would love it. Mangia!


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Our exotic Curry Soup is the best choice for everyone who likes soup a bit spicy. Try it now!


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You want to try all our soups at once or just like them all? No Problem!

Our Starterkit contains 3 sachets of each Mush-D flavour. Get your Mix 9-Pack here!


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Immune System Support

Stronger Bones & Teeth


Daily vitamin D supply

Ready within 1 minute


Healthy, Easy, D-licious

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels has never been that easy.. and delicious!

Each Vitamin D Soup contains 200 I.U. of our natural mushroom vitamin D, which is 100% of an adults' recommended daily intake.

The preparation of Vitamin D Soup is as easy as it can be. Boil 200ml of water, pour it into a cup with the soup powder & stir well and wait 1 minute - enjoy!


How does it work? 

We make mushrooms build vitamin D 

Mushrooms contain ergosterol in their fruit bodies. When they are exposed to sunlight (UV-B) this ergosterol turns into vitamin D. The process is very similar to the process of building vitamin D in our bodies.

Controlled quality production in the Netherlands.