Can vitamin D lower your risk of COVID-19, as research proposes?

Can vitamin D lower the risk of covid 19 as research proposes

New studies from Ireland indicate that vitamin D supplementation could play a role in COVID-19 response.

Vitamin D has an important function within the immune system, increasing the production of anti-inflammatory molecules and decreasing the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. High levels of inflammatory molecules make people more vulnerable to infections, as for example COVID-19.

Low blood levels of vitamin D therefore are an avoidable risk, which can be obviated by exposing the skin to sun for at least 30 minutes per day and eating a vitamin D rich diet.

During the COVID-19 home confinement, especially elderly people are likely to have a vitamin d deficiency during the #stayathome time. In Ireland for example this figure is estimated to be around 25%. Let's have a look at how many people are vitamin D deficient in Ireland:

  • One in eight older adults are always deficient
  • One in five older adults are deficient in winter
  • One in two over 85 are deficient in winter
  • One in four over 70 are likely to be deficient during the “stay in home” time during COVID19 challenges


From these figures, we can conclude that having healthy vitamin D levels is crucial during these extraordinary times. This can be done via sun exposure, which is not possible for everyone during the home confinement or a vitamin D-rich diet. We advise supplementing vitamin D to reach efficient blood levels.


At Mush-D we do not want to make use of the current crisis. However, this information might be crucial to help especially risk groups during the time COVID-19. We always had the goal to inform people about the importance of healthy vitamin D blood levels, as it has an impact on a variety of processes in the body.

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