Mush D - a new name, but the same active ingredient as in Murill

The Murill capsules are made from the Agaricus blazei Murill, also called Cogumelo do Sol (sun mushroom). This mushroom is well known for its polysaccharides beta-glucans 1,3 -1,6  which naturally occur in their cell walls. These beta-glucans support your immune system and increase your vitality. In the new Immune-D capsules by Mush-D, we increased the beta-glucan level and adjusted the capsule size. That’s why we recommend now 2 instead of 6 capsules to meet your daily needs.

Vitamin D, a little extra that we added to Mush-D

Through innovation, we are now able to transform ergosterol, which naturally occurs in the Agaricus Bisporus (white button mushroom) to vitamin D. This process is the same as happens to your body when you are in the sun. Vitamin D supports your body in many ways:

  • for stronger bones
  • for stronger muscles
  • supports immune system and mental health

Natural Immune System SUpporter

The Immune D Capsules contain Vitamin D and beta-glucans, which are derived naturally from mushrooms. No synthetic ingredients.

One pack covers your monthly needs!


Convenient and healthy

The capsules offer an easy opportunity to add Vitamin-D and beta-glucans to your daily diet.


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