Mush-D for your business

Tasty Soup + Vitamin D= "D-licious"!

Our Mush-D soups serves as a perfect snack alternative in any office. The D-Licious Soups are not only healthy - they are super convenient:

  • Your daily dose of vitamin D - each soup contains 5μg/200 IU - (100% of the RDI)
  • Easily prepared in 1 minute - just add hot water
  • The best cup soup you have ever tried - 3 delicious flavors



Natural & Healthy:

Mush-D offers a healthy alternative to common cup soups. We add natural vitamin D from mushrooms!

In fact, vitamin D plays a crucial role for the health of your employees. Especially people who sit inside all day are very likely to have a shortage on vitamin D, because they spent  too little time in the sun. Regarding the fact that we cannot build any vitamin D through sunlight between October and March makes it even harder to achieve healthy vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D shows plays an important role for:

  • healthy bones
  • strong muscles
  • the normal function of the immune system
  • vitality


A study from the US has indicated, that vitamin D supplementation can decrease payroll costs by more than 0,6% , due to higher employee productivity (Link to source). Thus, it can be a cheap and effective measure to reduce costs. 


Mush-D helps to improve employee well-being and your business in a ''D-licious'' way.


Get your individual offer!

We can make individual offers for your company:

  • Volume Related Prices
  • Displays & Visuals  for your coffee corner
  • Mush-D Cups & Mugs