About Mush-D

Mush-D was establsihed in 2016

Mush-D Logo Vitamin D-licious

The brand Mush-D® was established in 2016, we decided to put words into action. Having several years of experience in the mushrooms business and knowing the enormous health potential of fungi we wanted to make natural & healthy products available to everyone.

We have the goal make our customers healthier as convenient as possible.

When developing our first products, we focussed on 3 main aspects:

  • Naturally & Healthy
  • Convenient
  • Delicious

We use the natural power of mushrooms to create snacks & supplements that are easy to implement into any lifestyle and as tasty as they could be.

Scelta Mushrooms - A vital collabration

Since our foundation in 2016 we collaborate with Scelta Mushrooms BV. Scelta is one of the world's biggest producers of mushroom products and sells its big assortment to a variety of retailers, food producers and foodservice all over the world.

One of Scelta's key competences is innovation, which is being researched in the Scelta Institute. a project about enriching mushrooms through a UV-B light treatment has been executed and been approved through the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This project has developed into a real start-up - Mush-D.