Parallel 37 - The vitamin D border

37 Parallel, Vitamin D border
Northern 37th Parallel

The Relation between Vitamin D and Parallel 37

Did you know that your geographic location has a major impact on your Vitamin D household?

It's that time of the year again - September. In the northern hemisphere, autumn is approaching and it is getting colder and darker. Although there are still many sunny and beautiful days, you can feel the change. Winter is coming...

Whether you like autumn or not, it has one disadvantage:

The angle of the sun has changed and the amount of UV-B rays, that our bodies use to produce Vitamin D, is too low. Basically, the sun is not strong enough anymore. Moreover, people are going to wear warmer clothes, which leads to even more skin being covered.

Studies from the Harvard Medical School show, that people living in places located on a latitude of Parallel 37 or higher do not get sufficient if any Vitamin D apart from the summer months.

This has an impact on all parts of Europe, many Asian countries and a majority of the United States. Unfortunately, that means, that if your living above this line, you are more likely to suffer from a Vitamin D shortage.

37 Parallel USA
37th Parallel in the USA
Europe 37 Parallel
37th Parallel Europe

What can you do if you live above the 37th Parallel?

Do you live above the Vitamin D border?

Don't worry, there are many things you can do to prevent a Vitamin D insufficiency!

If your skin cannot produce enough Vitamin D, you have to get it through nutrition. Consequently, you have to adapt your diet and eat more fatty fish, like salmon or sardines. In little amounts, it can be found in meat and eggs as well.

Mushrooms contain high amounts of Vitamin D if they were exposed to UV-B light since they have ergosterol in their caps. It is the same process, which builds Vitamin D in our bodies. Apart from that, Vitamin D supplements are a convenient alternative to nourish your body with this important vitamin.

Try our Soups, if you want a convenient snack, which you can easily include into your diet on a daily basis!


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Source: Harvard Medical School

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