Natural vitamin d


Why Mush-D?

We use Mushrooms as a source of natural Vitamin D. Mushrooms are well known regarding their health benefits, great taste and low calories. White button mushrooms have one thing in common with people, they have ergosterol in their body. It can be converted to Vitamin D when they are exposed to sunlight.

Nowadays about 80% of the world's population has a shortage of Vitamin D. Because of busy lifestyles and many other reasons our body cannot produce this important nutrient on its own. Mush-D has the Mission to eliminate this shortage. Therefore, we have developed convenient meals and supplements, which help you to easily add natural vitamin D to your daily routine.

Our Products

Mush-D Soups

We have crafted this delicious soup for you based on the natural power of mushrooms. It is sometimes difficult to get your daily intake of vitamin D through normal consumption, so we have made it easier for you. With the Mush-D products, you can easily add vitamin D from a natural source to your daily routine.

This rich soup contains 100% of your daily Vitamin D requirement.

Discover all our flavours: tomato, curry and mushrooms

Immune+D Capsules

Our capsules combine the health benefits from two mushrooms. Vitamin D from the white button mushroom and betaglucans from the Agaricus Blazei. These are both supporters of your immune system.

Get your monthly dose of natural Vitamin D and beta-glucan!

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