immune-d capsules

Gives you a natural immune support

Vitamin D Food

Hi, we are Mush-D™!

We make D-licious snacks that help you maintaining a healthy vitamin D intake on a daily basis.

Vitamin D for Everyone

Vitamin D is a very special nutrient because we can make it on our own by going outside and exposing our skin to the sun. So it should be quite easy to have healthy vitamin D levels, right?


Yet, 70% of all Europeans have insufficient vitamin D blood levels.


This has two simple reasons:

  • We spend too much time inside
  • Between October and March the sun's UV-B rays, which are actually responsible for building vitamin D naturally, do not enter our atmosphere at all

Vitamin D contributes to

Immune System Support

Stronger Bones & Teeth

Healthy & strong muscles

Our Immune-D capsules combine the best of Agaricus Bisporus and Agaricus Blazei Murill. The combination of natural vitamin D and 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans gives you a natural immune support. 


  • 1200mg Agaricus Blazei Murill Extract
  • >15% beta glucan level (ß-1,3-1,6-D-glucan)
  • 600 IU / 15mcg vitamin D
  • Vegan

Our D-licious products

This delicious soup will boost your snacking game! Get your daily dose of vitamin D with this cup full of sunshine.

  • 100% of your RDI vitamin D
  • Easily prepared in 1 minute
  • Max 117 kcal per soup

Mush-D: As natural as it can be

Conventional vitamin D is made synthetically from sheeps wool.

We created a 100% natural process: We grow mushrooms, powder them and give them a UB-B light treatment - nothing else.

Reviews from real people

"For dietary supplements and for in between, when things have to go quickly again, a top product. Especially for work really great. The soups are easy to prepare with hot water and taste good. I can only recommend these soups!"
Pascal on 21/12/2019
"I ordered these soups to have a snack for home and work. What else can you say, the preparation goes very fast, tastes very well and on top of it also healthy. I can only recommend it."
SupaHuba on 01/02/2020
"I cannot believe that this is a cup soup! This was the first time I really enjoyed eating one."
Erik on 06/03/2020